When you became a homeowner, facing a foreclosure was the farthest thing from your mind. Unfortunately, economic conditions and the often-crashing real estate market has had a terrible effect on homeowners throughout The United States. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The Foreclosure process can be lengthy, leaving you with no savings, assets, or credit. Call (844) 237-6015 and fill out the short form given below, schedule your FREE FORECLOSURE ANALYSIS! Our dedicated team of foreclosure solution specialists will help you find the best solution now!

What is a Short Sale?  

A Short Sale is a transaction where the bank agrees to let the homeowner sell the house for less than is owed to them. Save Your Credit, Clear Your Debt, Avoid Deficiency Judgement, and possibly get up $40,000 Relocation Assistance, NO FEE! Find out what a difference a skilled Short Sale Foreclosure Solutions team can make. Don’t gamble with a company that has NO track record or client references! Call Toll Free (844) 237-6015 to get started and fill out form box on the right-hand corner to STOP FORECLOSURE NOW. 


  • If you entrust your home with an inexperienced individual, here is what can happen: Not only do you lose your house, but also you lose it at a price that is worth much less than its original value! Why settle for less? Call Toll Free (844) 237-6015 to get started and fill out form box on the right-hand corner to STOP FORECLOSURE NOW!

  • If you try to do it yourself, you must prove a hardship. Just stating that the market is bad will not qualify to short sell the property. At times, bankruptcy may be the best option, and you will need an expert consultant by your side.

  • Furthermore, a good consultant will take numerous factors into account before suggesting how you should proceed. Take for instance the fact that Connecticut is not a debt forgiveness state, so you will need to proceed accordingly. Fill the short form that is given below and let us handle all the details.

  • You could have to wait for as less as a month or as long as six months for your lender to approve the sale. Let us help make things easier on you!


  • Since a short sale will help the lender recover some of their cash, most lenders will agree to it.

  • A short sale will also save a lender the cost of a foreclosure suit, which can be quite costly!

  • As a seller, you the homeowner will get a lower hit on your credit score – 75 -100 points/2 years as opposed to 300 points for seven years in a foreclosure.

For more information and to get started now, Call Toll Free (844) 899-1377 and fill out form box on the right-hand corner to STOP FORECLOSURE NOW.

Where We Come In

Our goal has always been simple: Stop your Foreclosure in the most hassle-free way as possible for you. For all your foreclosure-related issues, Call (844) 237-6015 and enter your information into the form below to talk to one of our Case Managers today!

With over 14 years of experience of originating and closing short sales for residential clients in foreclosure, we have worked with every major lender nationwide. Our senior management has combined 22 years experience in originating and closing short sales. All customer files are processed via our Online Portal. Full reliance on online internet portal software provides automation, scalability, speed, and efficiency to create loss mitigation solutions for the customer and their lender.  Between the CEO Denise F. Gomes, and the Origination and Quality Control Department Team Leader Ana Cable, has over 22 years combined experience specializing in foreclosure solutions and working with all the major banks. provides Live Toll-Free Customer Service support and Back-Office Live Chat from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm US EST Mon-Fri, and a File Tracking service provided by our back-office to our clients by email to track your file from start to finish. also provides dedicated business processing center with over 3,000 employees providing a redundant solution that delivers total customer service to our clients. provides a total online system approach to solving our clients’ needs over the internet.