What is my cost for using MyShortSaleApproval.com?
Nothing! No upfront cost to the consumer. No Risk, No Obligation, Free Consultation. Your lender pays the fees associated with your short sale transaction.

How many years of short sale processing experience does Senior Management at Myshortsaleapproval.com have?
Over 22 years combined experience processing short sales with Major Top Banks. MyShortSaleApproval.com management is focused short sale experts, specializing in only getting short sales approved.

Do I have access to my file while it’s being processed?
Every MyShortSaleApproval.com customer has a dedicated live case manager that can be called to answer questions on your file Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm US EST Toll Free 1-800-954-4463, access to MyShortSaleApproval.com live chat agent to answer questions on your file Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm US EST, and a portal tracking number to receive email alerts of short sale processing stages of your file. MyShortSaleApproval.com has a proprietary short sale processing online portal with a dedicated business processing center of over 3,000 employees to ensure your short sale file is always being worked on properly and efficiently, securing a short sale approval from your lender.

How long does the short sale process usually take?
Typically 30-60 days, depending on your lender

How much money could I qualify for in homeowner relocation assistance?
Depending on your lender and government programs, you may qualify for anywhere between $3,000 to $40,000 for Relocation Assistance. These funds are used to rent a new apartment, restart your life, and to rebuild your credit, giving you a greater possibility of buying another home in two years.

What happens if I decide not to use MyShortSaleApproval.com and do nothing about my home in foreclosure?
You risk getting your credit completely destroyed, creating a deficiency judgment on your credit report that can last years, and possibly having your wages garnished to pay back your deficiency judgment debt to your lender. Bad Credit can affect your chances of securing future housing, employment, securing insurance, securing credit cards, opening bank accounts and owning an automobile. Credit Checks are now used for basically everything in American society when it relates to any business, institution or organization making an assessment of your character.

Are you licensed?
Yes. We are licensed Realtors and Mortgage Loan Originators regulated by Federal and State laws.

What if I am working with someone else already?
Use MyShortSaleApproval.com as an insurance policy with your lender just in case whoever you are working with gets your short sale file processing wrong.

How do I start the short sale process?
Fill out the information capture box with your first name, last name, phone number, email and property address and one of our foreclosure solutions experts will contact you for a no risk, no obligation, free consultation. You can also call our toll free number (844) 237-6015 to schedule an appointment with a MyShortSaleApproval.com foreclosure solutions expert to receive a free analysis of your current foreclosure problem.

Do you have client testimonials?
Client testimonials are on the MyShortSaleApproval.com site and can be referred to you by your foreclosure solutions expert case manager on request during your free consultation.